Steel Boned Overbust Corsets – Elegant Range

Elegant steel boned overbust corsets have been in our collection for a long time. They are the classic corsets, simple but gracefully shaping the body. If you are looking for a plain elegance, these overbust corsets are available in black taffeta, black satin, white satin and other colours without any decoration.

Thanks to the popularity of this particular cut we started introducing Elegant corsets in other fabrics too. While browsing through our online catalogue, you can see them in brocade, scroll, PVC, matte and leather.

To broaden the Elegant range further, we decided to change the front-fastening. In August 2013 Burleska introduced Elegant C-Lock overbust corsets. That collection launched new colours and fabrics such as king gold brocade, cream brocade and black scroll brocade. Now in early 2014 we are adding to the set – more Elegant C-Lock overbusts are coming out in fantastic eye-catching colours, such as red king brocade and silver king brocade.

Due to the demand we are now also able to produce more plus size corsets. Standard Elegant overbusts are available in sizes 20″ – 40″.



Win a Burleska Corset of your choice!

Win a Burleska Corset of your choice!

Another Burleska COMPETITION is here! Woohoo~! πŸ™‚

Win a corset of your choice made by Burleska. Our latest collection is full of marvellous pieces! We have enhanced our steel-boned section with DOUBLE steel-boned corsets with spiral boning (already available in our Camden Town boutique!) suitable for waist-training (please keep checking our website if you cannot find them just yet πŸ˜‰ ). More of our Elegant overbust corsets now have C-Lock front fastening, and the clip-fastening Elegant, Victorian overbust and Candy underbust corsets received a ‘facial’ in a form of king brocade in most beautiful vibrant colours. We are also adding the popular C-Lock into our waistcoat-like Juliette underbust corsets. Apart from all that there are new corset-dresses and alternative clothes and corset tops (ie. Betty tops) to look forward to! Our tailors are working as fast as they can to fill our London-based warehouse with all the awesomeness your heart desires.

Welcome summer 2014 with Burleska!

Win C-Lock overbust corset by Burleska!

Win C-Lock overbust corset by Burleska!

LondonEdge returns this year! With a bang.

The alternative fashion trade show is in London this February again, promoting the best of amazing clothing, accessories and other products.

If you want to WIN a bunch of fantastic products from the LondonEdge exhibitors, including a BURLESKA CORSET, click the following link:

Best of luck everyone! πŸ™‚

Outdark this Black Friday!

Outdark this Black Friday!

It’s BLACK FRIDAY today. But you cannot run out of luck with Burleska! πŸ˜‰

Last week we introduced a few pieces from our winter 2013/14 collection. That was not all, though. There are still a few more aces up our lace satin sleeves!

After the positive response to the shoulder-strap underbust corsets such as Juliette, Cecilia and Dominia, we decided to go further with this design and add something new to it. The most beloved brass CLASP fastening! Please welcome the new range of JULIETTE C-LOCK underbust fusion, now available in brown/gold scroll brocade, black matte and brown matte. These light-boned corsets can be easily worn with your favourite blouse or shirt, whether you’re going to work or a party.

Next on the list is a beauty that comes in gold and black. It’s a pirate fairy tale come to life. It is both: smart and fancy, as well as eye-catching and classic. An enhanced Burleska Pirate coat. Its gold fabric will make you shine this Christmas! The black scroll brocade version is just as stylish, yet a bit more subtle and available to those who want to stay on ‘the dark side’ of elegance.

Girls and uniforms! Don't they go remarkably well together? Despite already having a few more or less military looking corsets in our stock, we haven’t previously reached for the most obvious colour. OLIVE GREEN. And look how it works with brown matte and black matte on Burleska’s new fully steel-boned OFFICER underbust and overbust. It didn’t take us long to figure out that such wonderful combination will also suit our older corsets: Rock overbust and underbust. Just take a look for yourself! ☺

Since we are a well-rounded fashion company, our garments are not only an upper wear! This season, an update in Burleska skirt department brings C-LOCK MINI SKIRTS to our catalogue, in fabrics matching those of corsets we mentioned in our previous blog. Select from king gold brocade, black/brown matte, black twill and olive twill.

To finish this blog we decided to show you something fitting for Black Friday. A back-lacing BLACK Melissa waistcoat in black twill and black lace lapels. Outdark this Friday 13 with us!

Your Burleska

Ready. Steady. CORSETS!

Ready. Steady. CORSETS!

It’s been a few months since our latest collection for winter 2013/14 hit the world. And girl, was that a smash! We decided to expand our steampunk corset collection. Our most popular to the day are C-Lock overbust and underbust corsets. The fabric we selected proved that gold is still the colour most sought after, alongside brown and black. The king gold brocade, brown matte and brass studs create a fascinating combination that our customers are losing their breath for. (Not literally!) There are versions in black scroll brocade, black matte, and brown & camel napa leather available.

Since Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching steadily, Burleska found a solution for all the parties you shall be attending this month. Welcome our new embroidery corsets section full of sparkle and shine. Become a winter fairy with us, enter the world of fantasy. That’s what our latest collection offers – Chelsea and Sedona overbust corsets in particular.

Another fantastic addition to a woman’s wardrobe this winter is Burleska’s Karen coat. This hooded beauty comes in black flock velvet with fine black fur trim. A seriously ‘huggable’ combination! It’s as cosy as it sounds: imagine yourself covered in a soft plush toy. πŸ™‚ Karen coat will keep very girl warm and look fabulous at the same time.

There are only 19 days left until Christmas 2013. Get ready for it with Burleska. πŸ™‚

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Brown underbust corset