Halloween Competition 2014


#Win a Burleska #corset and #skirt for your #Halloween outfit!

• inbox us a photo of your last year’s Halloween outfit before midnight GMT on Saturday 25 October
• we will upload it to a Halloween competition album on our Facebook page
• the winner will be drawn at random
• on Sunday 26 October the winner will be announced

Laidy_l in a Burleska Corset Dress

Our instagram follower is wearing a Burleska wedding dress. 🙂

Ophelie corset dress

Ophelie corset dress

Rockabilly Fashion by Burleska

rockabilly-overbusts rockabilly-tops

Go retro!

Apart from burlesque, gothic and steampunk style Burleska also makes few rockabilly clothing pieces. Our vintage inspired clothes include overbust corsets, underbust corsets, tops and skirts. You can find examples of the overbusts and corset tops in the images above. The prints selection includes polka dot, cherries, daggers, skull and roses, cupcakes and pinup.  Pop on our website to look for your favourite style.

Postpartum Belly & Corsets

01 02 03

candy_ub_corsets_models corset-topsdaisy-ubs steel-boned-ubs

Last year Jessica Alba revealed her secret of figure-shaping after two pregnancies. A corset.

If you’re fighting a postpartum belly, some of our corsets can help you speed up the process of slimming your waist back into your favourite jeans. 🙂 But please be careful. Tight-lacing yourself in a corset may negatively effect your health. Take your waist in slowly by milimeters rather than inches.

What compression garments can do is support the back and abdominal muscles after pregnancy, offering the new mother comfort. As the hormones reset, ligaments can still be loose and a corset may add some stability while new moms are lifting and bending.

Even with possible benefits, women should be careful to wear corsets correctly. Support is good. Strangulation is bad. The compression garment should never be worn so tightly that the wearer can’t take a deep breath.

In the photos above you can see Candy steel-boned underbust corsets. Many of them are in our plus size corsets section (up to 40 inches around waist!). Once you have chosen your favourite fabric and colour, look at our corset size chart to select the correct size. Candy steel-boned corsets start at £42.95.

If your funds don’t allow, you can try our fashion underbust corsets too. They are not as strong as the steel-boned version, but they can gently help your belly shape itself. Prices of our light-boned underbust corsets start at £24.95 in our online store. Pretty cheap, aren’t they? 🙂

Since all Burleska corsets come in various styles, colours and fabrics, you can match them with your usual clothes. Instead of hiding an underbust corset under a loose T-shirt, try wearing it on a blouse with a skirt or trousers. Depending on your corset choice, you can create a nice outfit for daily wear.

Slimming a belly takes time. Please allow yourself plenty while wearing your garment regularly. If you’re worried about how wearing a corset may effect your body, please have a look at this blog by Lucy Corsetry.


If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us here on our Facebook page.
P.S.: We have some really nice corset tops to match your corset. Have a look. 🙂